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Adventures in Life

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12 May
I'm a librarian (currently sans-library), avidly read science fiction & fantasy, will play just about any game, enjoy outdoors activities, and have recently moved to Minnesota. Wish me well.

My interests include cooking, board- and card-game design, watching bad movies, some attempts at writing fiction, and as noted above, playing most any non-sport-related games. In conjunction with moving to Minnesota I joined a table-top RPG group and a board games meet-up group. I enjoy live-action roleplaying but not vampire or boffer-larps, this limits my playing to conventions mostly.

I'm allergic to cat dander, but enjoy both cats & dogs. I haven't been in a position to own either for several years. My roomba apparently needs a battery transplant, and probably some new brushes and rollers and whatnot. I am saddened by his sonambulence. I have a scraggly housplant that I suspect ought to be put out of both our miserys. Oh, and my WoW primary has a Chicken of Doom(tm) and a tree frog.

I play alliance on both Greymane, and Draenor. I am not by any means a power gamer, so all my characters are 20s-40s. If you happen to be on Greymane and spot a nightelf hunter named Parnassus getting pwned by murlocks stop and say hi. Or point and laugh, I won't blame you either way. On Draenor I'm a gnome warlock named Gargareth.

My friend policy is hit and miss; add me and I might return the interest, but don't expect an automatic befriending. I'm also on Facebook, my user name is the same there as here, so drop by and friend me if you'd like.
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